The Watford Grammar School for Girls 11 Plus (11+) Exam Papers Guide

11 Plus Maths Past Papers with Detailed Answers

1) Are you keen for your child getting into Watford Grammar School for Girls?

Watford Grammar School for Girls is one of the South West Herts Consortium - Schools which conducts Academic And Music Tests. In Academic Test, there'll be two tests, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning.  

    • Mathematics: This part of the exam will require 50 minutes and is made up of 50 questions is based on Year 6 specially prepared for the Consortium.
    • Verbal Reasoning: This part of the examination will require 45 minutes and contains 100 questions.

GL Assessment provides maths and Verbal Reasoning tests for the Consortium.

Right now, the sample papers are not available on the Watford Girls School site but here are a few free 11 plus past papers with solutions will help your child to get ready for Watford Girls Grammar School.

Read more about school information: 11 Plus (11+) Exam Complete Guide 2020 | Watford Grammar School for Girls

Exam Dates:

Parents are asked to check all latest details regarding the 11 Plus Watford Grammar School for Girls Entrance examination, open days, registration dates, school examination dates on the Watford Girls Grammar School. 

Applicants will have the test In 2020.

2) How much competition is there for Watford Grammar School for Girls?

In Watford Girls Grammar School, the number of Places offered for year 7 is 224. Watford Grammar School for Girls receives approximately 600 applicants for 224 places for year 7. Then, the marginal ratio of 3 candidates applies for single place giving a ratio of 3:1.

After having a look at all statistical information, Watford Girls Grammar School is taking only top 37 to 38 percent of students that have applied for 11 plus entrance test.

Additional information concerning the entrance test / Watford Grammar School for Girls 11 plus entry exam format is mentioned in an earlier part of the report.

For all updated information about 11 plus exam dates and examination format, we recommend parents to observe the school website: The Watford Grammar School for Girls Admission Section on the school site.

We advise parents, a strict preparation on a lot of different maths questions, comprehension, and creative writing is essential.

The following section is on the way to prepare your child for Watford Girls Grammar School 11 Plus entry exam provides insights concerning preparation to you.

There are 3500+ questions in our 11 plus past paper section containing detail stepwise answers, and every question is segregated by the topic. The link to get these papers is provided here: 11 plus past papers with solutions.

3) How to prepare for the 11 Plus entrance exam for Watford Girls Grammar School? 

As discussed in the earlier section about the competition for getting a place in Watford Grammar School for Girls, this section will now give more insights about the preparation for Watford Girls Grammar School.

Every parent in Hertfordshire and outside Hertfordshire make sure that their child is practicing many resources and various practice books available in the market. These resources are very good for practice. But, these are not enough and do not reflect the difficulty level of what Watford Grammar School for Girls entrance exam is expecting.

Most of the students in Hertfordshire has practiced many resources available in the market. But Watford Grammar School for Girls is looking at an exceptional child, as said before only top 37 to 38 percent of the top students. Therefore the school while designing the papers more likely to avoid the similar language of questions or style of questions appearing in various 11 plus resources available in the market.

Furthermore, these resources do not reflect the complexity of Watford Girls Grammar School exam paper.

We strongly recommend parents that the children who are appearing for Watford Girls Grammar School 11 Plus exam must be exposed to different 11 Plus Past Papers, which contains the more logical, problem-solving type of questions and the language of the mathematical problems must be unique.

We never practiced the resources which are commonly present in the market in our tutoring classes. Our Tutors always challenged our students on more on logical problem-solving questions, lots of word problems and every question in our tutoring session was different.
Our tutors used to set up a structured homework on the 11 plus practice books and 11 plus past papers as homework for the student.

Every question the student needs to solve in less than 40 sec and the time management was on the priority.

Our success formula shows that students who practiced a variety of Mathematical questions not just from typical 11 plus resource provider but from other independent school’s past papers succeed to get an entry into Parmiter’s School.

To give an example, if you look at King’s College School Sample Paper, the questions are tough. Also, the language of the problems is very tricky to understand even for an adult. Our students when they appeared for Watford Grammar School for Girls 11 plus exam last year told us that practicing past paper questions helped them to crack the second round of Watford Grammar School for Girls and managed the time accurately to complete the paper in given time.




The question above is from the King’s College School Sample Paper. The problem clearly shows a difficult language where many children struggle. Our stepwise solution will be helpful and develop the confidence of a child. There is time guidance so the parent can monitor the child is solving question under time pressure. 

For Watford Grammar School for Girls, they look at the approach of a student to solve the question. Hence writing steps are extremely important. That shows examiner the thought process of child and method to answer the questions. 

We strongly recommend the parents must practice scholarship questions. The parents can find the scholarship type of questions in 11 Plus Independent school Past papers. The parents can browse at the end of each 11 plus exam paper, the difficulty level of scholarship problems is very high. Practicing these scholarship questions we have noticed that it gives a boost to a child’s independent thinking and logical approach to tackle any question. The students are not scared to see the language of the exam question when it appears in the actual exam 11 plus entrance exam in Watford Girls Grammar School.

Also, there are many past papers along with solutions on our website. Top mathematicians write these solutions. We recommend that students use 11 Plus Past Papers with solutions to have more practice for a variety of questions which may come in their examination.

Parents are advised to print the papers from our recommended practice paper links and can give it to the student ensuring the student complete the paper under timed and exam conditions.

The parents can come back to the website to mark the answers.

Solving a variety of papers helps students to learn time management.

Please see below links for our highly recommended resources.

Our top mathematician tutor team has put enormous efforts to write detail solutions to each question.

If you as a parent know what your child’s weak area is our system will show you all question segregated by topic, and you can practice them.

4) How to revise for Watford Grammar School for Girls?

Here we would like to give some expert tips:

Students who are preparing for multiple schools including Watford Grammar School for Girls, the core subjects for 11 plus entrance test are Maths and Verbal Reasoning. 

For Watford Girls Grammar School, 11 plus entrance exam the below revision schedule of 11 plus past papers is very helpful to clear the Watford Grammar School for Girls entrance exam. 

All students in PiAcademy used this schedule and secured a place in Watford Grammar School for Girls. 

Here is a small schedule we usually follow in our mathematics tutoring sessions to practise and revise the 11 plus past papers: 

For 11+ Exam Papers, We are going to follow this planner.

  • Please download this spreadsheet to your desktop and update this every week the progress of the papers.

To access our subscription 11 plus exam past paper schedule click here.

Parents can go through the wrong questions with their child. As our system also shows topic wise segregated questions, it is beneficial for parents to practice more questions on the same topic and revise them frequently. In our 11 plus past paper subscription, the time guidance is given for each problem which helps parents to revise the topic questions with their children under time pressure.

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