Shop smart this Cyber Monday with Piacademy. 

Cyber Monday is basically the online equivalent of the Black Friday. The retailers and business teams with the passage of time observed that the Monday following thanksgiving can be used for encouraging customers to shop online.

The term ‘Cyber Monday’ was coined by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation and Scott Silverman, and made its debut on November 28, 2005. It first appeared in press release entitled "'Cyber Monday' and quickly became one of “the biggest online shopping Days of the Year".

This year cyber Monday will be on 29th November & customers all over the world are waiting eagerly for it. For that one day online retailers and stores spend hefty amounts on promotional & advertising purposes. They try different methods to attract customers to shop online on Cyber Mondays instead of Black Fridays.

How Cyber Monday became so popular?

Before smart phones & laptops became so common and popular at every household , people used to go out on Black Fridays to look for the products they want to purchase and wait until Cyber Monday to go to their offices, where strong internet was available, and then finally buy it.

Cyber Monday is now more convenient for the present tech-savvy generation because all you need to do is sit & surf through the web until you find your best deal. It has not been long enough when the entire world was hit by COVID-19 pandemic, therefore considering that Cyber Monday might do well in some countries.  

How to shop smartly this Cyber Monday?

While Cyber Monday can bring you some of the best deals of the season, but it will be quite possible that you get fooled too. Therefore you need to be smart when you shop for your favorite products online by following some tips-

Piacademy & Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday is perfect for anyone who is looking to crack some awesome deals online,away from the physical rush of the markets. Piacademy is therefore offering you FLAT 30% OFF on all your purchases this time. Stay tuned and you will get to know about more exciting offers & discounts we have in stock for 11+ Courses & practice papers this time. 

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