11+ Buckinghamshire (Bucks) Practice Tests



  • 11+ Bucks test papers reflecting the actual Buckinghamshire Test
  • All subjects covered - Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Detailed step by step answers available only on the website
  • Covers all the topics of the Buckinghamshire 11 Plus syllabus
  • Designed and crafted by 11+ Bucks experts
  • Difficulty level – Medium and Hard
  • Full 1-year access, yearly payment
  • All Subscriptions are Non-Refundable.
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Key Features of Our Resources

At Pi Academy, we follow the best education practices to create excellent exam resources to help your child in their exam preparations. Below is a snapshot of key features of our resources:
Designed by Assessment Experts
Each of our resources is created by highly experienced subject matter experts
Mirrors the Actual Exam Pattern
Our resources are created as per the latest curriculum to replicate the actual exam pattern
Detailed Step by Step Solutions
We provide most time effective detailed step by step solution to every question
PDF Paper Download
We provide option to download the PDF of the question papers 


11+ Buckinghamshire Transfer Test

Grammar schools in the Buckinghamshire region widely use papers developed by GL Assessment for 11+ entrance exams. Buckinghamshire 11 plus papers follow an authentic and time-tested multiple-choice pattern to assess the children in various subjects and topics across Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning subjects. Usually, the following two papers cover all these four subjects in the 11+ Bucks transfer test:

  • Paper 1 – Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Paper 2 – English and Maths

List of Schools Following 11+ Buckinghamshire Test

There are 13 Grammar schools in Buckinghamshire as shown below.

  • Aylesbury Grammar School (Boys)
  • Aylesbury High School (Girls)
  • Beaconsfield High School (Girls)
  • Burnham Grammar School (Mixed)
  • Chesham Grammar School (Mixed)
  • Dr Challoner’s Grammar School (Boys)
  • Dr Challoner’s High School (Girls)
  • John Hampden Grammar School (Boys)
  • Royal Grammar School (Boys)
  • Royal Latin School (Mixed)
  • Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School (Mixed)
  • Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School (Mixed)
  • Wycombe High School (Girls)

Our Buckinghamshire practice test papers are specifically designed to boost your child’s confidence and enhance their accuracy and time management skills. We mirror the actual Bucks 11 plus test papers and cover topics across all the subjects. Hence, practising these test under timed condition is highly effective in preparing the kids for actual exam day. Also, we provide detailed answers with explanation and hints for each question. Parents can simply log in to their PiAcademy dashboard and mark these Buckinghamshire Test papers at home. So, Subscribe Now and help your child in acing their 11+ Buckinghamshire Test.


Do these practice papers cover the entire 11+ Buckinghamshire Test Syllabus?

Yes. Our 11 plus Bucks Test papers are designed as per the latest curriculum and cover the whole 11+ Buckinghamshire syllabus.

Can I use these 11+ Buckinghamshire papers for home mock exams?

Yes. Each of our 11 plus Buckinghamshire test paper replicates the actual 11+ exam pattern with instructions and time mentioned. Under the timed condition, you can use it as a Bucks 11+ mock exam at home.

Can I mark these 11 plus Bucks practice papers at home?

Yes. We provide detailed step by step solutions for each question on our website. After subscribing, you can log in to our website and mark these 11+ Buckinghamshire test papers.

Can I get a refund for this subscription?

No. Due to its digital nature, the 11 Plus Buckinghamshire Test Papers Pack is non-refundable.

11+ Buckinghamshire (Bucks) Practice Tests

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