11+ GL Assessment Mock Pack 1 (Maths + English)



  • Pack 1 contains 3 full-length mock exams reflecting 11+ GL assessment
  • 1 Maths and 1 English test in each mock exam
  • Maths test: 50 minutes and English test: 50 minutes
  • The student can take a break in between the Maths and English Test
  • Perfectly suitable for QE Boys, Kent, Tiffin, and many other grammar schools
  • It’s also a great practice for the students who are appearing for the 11+ independent school exams
  • Designed and crafted by PiAcademy 11+ experts
  • Only one attempt is allowed.
  • Take the mocks on your own flexible time
  • This mock exam pack is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase
  • Detailed step by step solutions for all questions
  • All Subscriptions are Non-Refundable.

Key Features of Our Resources

At Pi Academy, we follow the best education practices to create excellent exam resources to help your child in their exam preparations. Below is a snapshot of key features of our resources:
Designed by Assessment Experts
Each of our resources is created by highly experienced subject matter experts
Mirrors the Actual Exam Pattern
Our resources are created as per the latest curriculum to replicate the actual exam pattern
Real Time Result
Get to know how your child performed immediately after the mock with PiAcademy’s on the spot real time results.
Leaderboard & Performance Comparison
Compare how your child has performed compared to other children who have taken our 11+ GL mock exam


11+ GL Assessment Online Mock

11+ Mock exams are one of the utmost crucial steps in preparation for 11+ exams. If your child is preparing for 11+ Exams set up GL Assessment, practising 11+ GL Online mocks would be a real confidence booster for him/her.

Pi Academy has a long time 11+ expertise, providing you with the reassurance that your kid is receiving the very best examination experience. Compare your results with other children and assess the amount of preparation needed. We customised all our mocks for every parent's requirement. In addition to the exam experience, your child can also see the step by step solution and learn from the 11+ Mock exam. We are providing the best to our users by combining the exam experience with learning to ensure that the child is benefitted by taking our 11 Plus Mock Exams.

This 11+ Mock Exam is customised for the GL assessment based entrance exam, which tests English and Maths. This test is perfect for students who are aiming for schools below and many other grammar schools.

  • Queen Elizabeth Boys School (Barnet)
  • Lincolnshire Consortium Schools
  • Henrietta Barnett School (English) 
  • Tiffin Boys’ Schools (Surrey)
  • Tiffin Girls' Schools (Surrey)
  • Devonport High Schools - Boys’ and Girls’ (Plymouth)
  • St Michael’s Catholic Grammar (Finchley)
  • Kent Grammar Schools
  • Sutton Grammar Schools 

Note: These Mock tests assess English and Maths. For other mock tests like Verbal reasoning and Non - verbal reasoning please click here to see various styles of 11+Mock Exams provided by us.


How many mocks do I get in this 11+ GL Mock Pack 1?

This pack contains 3 full-length mock exams reflecting 11+ GL Exam.

What subjects are covered in 11plus GL Mock Pack 3?

This 11+ GL Mock test pack covers Maths and English.

Would I be able to see the result immediately after the online 11+ GL Mock Test?

Yes. The result of the online GL 11 plus mock tests are available as soon as your child completes the test.

Can I get a refund for this subscription?

No. Due to its digital nature, the 11+ GL Mock Exam Pack 1 Subscription is non-refundable.

11+ GL Assessment Mock Pack 1 (Maths + English)

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