11+ Vocabulary Test Papers



  • 50+ Tests Covering different 11 plus vocabulary categories
  • Over 1000 questions 
  • Full 1-year access, yearly payment
  • 11+ Vocabulary Topics Covered
    • Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes
    • Inference Meanings
    • Cloze
    • Animals, Plants and Food
    • Senses
    • One Word Substitution
    • Literary Devices
    • Idioms, Phrases & Proverbs
    • Gender-Based & Phobias
    • Field of Study & Profession
  • Detailed answers with helpful hints are available only on the website
  • Created by our team of experienced Oxford – Cambridge tutors and 11+ experts
  • Specifically designed to prepare for Grammar School and Independent School exams
  • All Subscriptions are Non-Refundable.
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Key Features of Our Resources

At Pi Academy, we follow the best education practices to create excellent exam resources to help your child in their exam preparations. Below is a snapshot of key features of our resources:
Designed by Assessment Experts
Each of our resources is created by highly experienced subject matter experts
Covers 11+ Vocabulary Syllabus
Our vocabulary test papers are designed around frequently asked tricky words in 11+ English exams.
Detailed Answer Explanations with Hints
We provide detailed answer explanation with hints for every question
Regular Updates at No Additional Costs
All subscriptions are on annual basis & free updates are provided during the subscription period


11+ Vocabulary Test Papers

Vocabulary is an integral part of the English Subject in 11+ Exams set by GL Assessment, CEM, SET, and other test providers. Practising vocabulary papers can boost your child’s marks in the 11 plus English exam. Also, a good command of vocabulary is crucial for getting brownie points in Creative Writing.

With over 1000 questions, our 11+ expert Oxbridge tutors have meticulously designed our 11+ Vocabulary pack. This pack has more than 50 test papers covering frequently asked vocabulary words in 11 plus exams.

The difficulty level of our Vocabulary Practice Papers varies from Medium to High. Each Test paper comes with instructions and solving time to help your child learn time management. Our experts have provided answers to each question in great detail. We have also provided hints to help your child understand and retain the key learnings for a longer duration.

Also, pupils and parents can create their own 11+ Vocabulary Flash Cards using these Vocabulary papers. The vocabulary flashcards can be used for quick revision of key 11 plus vocabulary words anytime.

Our 11+ Vocabulary pack is best suited for 11+ exams set by GL Assessment, CEM, SET and CSSE for the year 2021, 2022, and 2023. It’s an excellent source of practice for the 11+ Kent Test, 11+ Buckinghamshire Test, and 11+ Lincolnshire Test. These vocabulary tests are also beneficial to pupils applying for the 11+ exam of Independent schools. So, Subscribe Now to our 11+ Vocabulary resource and help your child master 11+ vocabulary.


Is the 11+ Vocabulary Test Papers Pack beneficial for my child’s 11+ exam preparation?

Yes. Our 11 plus Vocabulary Test Papers are designed by our experts around the frequently asked tricky questions in 11+ exams. Practising these vocabulary test papers would boost your child’s score in 11 plus English exam.

Can I use these Vocabulary papers for creating 11+ Vocabulary Flashcards?

Yes. Each test paper comes with a dedicated page where your child can write difficult words, their meaning and usage in a sentence. This is can be used as a Vocabulary flashcard for a quick revision at any time.

Do these 11+ Vocabulary Test papers cover the tricky words asked in 11 plus English exams?

Yes. Our 11 plus Vocabulary papers are designed keeping in mind the frequently asked tricky words in 11 plus English exams.

Can I mark these 11 plus Vocabulary test papers at home?

Yes. We provide detailed answer explanation with hints for each question on our website. After subscribing, you can log in to our website and mark these 11+ Vocabulary test papers at the comfort of your home.

What other resources my child should practice with Vocabulary to ace the 11+ English Exam?

Along with 11+ Vocabulary Test Papers, we recommend your child should practice 11+ SPaG Practice Papers, 11+ English Past Papers, Creative Writings, 11+ Practice Papers and Mock exams to boost their score in 11+ English Exams.

Can I get a refund for this subscription?

No. Due to its digital nature, the 11 Plus Vocabulary Test Papers Pack is non-refundable.

11+ Vocabulary Test Papers

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