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The 2 extra questions on the same topic helped to clear the concepts thoroughly. They cover all aspects and provide really good practice materials. The questions are also given topic wise tags, so it's easy to identify the topics and practice those you are not comfortable with. I would recommend the 11 plus challenging questions to all!
Ronke, 11+ Parent
After using 11 Plus Challenging Questions from Pi Academy, my child has improved a considerable amount. The product also has 2 similar questions, which were very helpful to get familiar with questions.
The detailed solutions were lucid and easy to understand.
There are also dedicated papers for every topic covered in the 11 plus examination.
Excellent product!!
Danielle Reed, 11+ Parent
I stumbled upon Pi Academy 11 + challenging questions one day on Facebook when I was looking for answers to tricky questions for my child. The asking price is so tiny for access to such a huge number of questions. The two similar questions on the same topic are very ingeniously designed and were very helpful for the concept building of my child. To Top it all off, elegant solutions for every question are also provided, plus there is also a team of helpful and friendly staff to answer any questions you may have.
Amber, 11+ Parent
PiAcademy 11+ challenging questions is the unique way to prepare for the exam, and my daughter found it amazing. She’s excited to get a different challenging question every day, and the two similar questions make her concepts more clear in the particular topic. The well-formulated solutions leave no gap in understanding. The downloadable files make it easier to keep the stack of questions for future reference and practice. The segregation of topics is very helpful in maintaining the question banks. I would highly recommend this subscription.
Dimosh P, 11+ Parent
“Pi Academy is one of the best platforms to learn from. 11+ Daily is well structured and it covers all the bases of a year 6 kid needs to. Their 2 similar questions along with question tags are perfectly constructed to enable kids to prepare for the 11+. My 11 year old had a blast in exploring this package and loves more challenging 11+ questions. A must-try for kids as they will enjoy this amazing and incredible experience.”
Brownie, 11+ Parent
I landed on this page from a reply in a Facebook group, and to my wonder, this page had all kinds of challenging questions from 11+ examinations. This subscription is a treasure trove filled with the most difficult questions and worked out great for my son. The “Two similar questions” feature helped my son a lot to understand the concepts. The time and topic features are of great value helping kids to improve with each question. Thanks to PiAcademy for this unique kind of subscription.
Hanan S, 11+ Parent





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