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Frequently Asked Questions
What topics come under 11 Plus Non-verbal Reasoning?

The topics under 11 Plus Non-verbal Reasoning are

  • Analogy
  • Classification
  • Series
  • Image and Figure Counting
  • Cube
  • Dice

Practice the 11+ NVR Practise tests to get good exam results.

Is Non-verbal Reasoning part of the 11+?

Yes, Non-verbal Reasoning is a part of the 11+ Exams, which enables the examiners to assess students' visual acuity, speed of perception, and ability to recognize and manipulate objects. To achieve good exam scores, practice 11+ NVR practice papers.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Non-Verbal online subscriptions are  “Non-Refundable“. No refunds can be issued for any reason, except where our Non-Verbal Webpage is not found. This is because the nature of digital products and process of instant downloads, meaning the client can request a refund yet still maintain the complete copies of our downloaded NVR papers retaining the full benefit of our product.

You should, therefore, make sure that the Non-Verbal online subscription fulfills your needs before you get.

The details of Non-Verbal online subscriptions are already stated, but if you’re not sure about the subscription, then you must inquire before making your purchase.

A refund will be made only if the Non-Verbal online subscriptions product pages on our website is not found.
This policy is in line with consumer protection for online digital products.

As these are digital products, we advise parents to go through our Free Sample Papers provided on our website and once decided they can buy subscriptions.

Non-verbal Reasoning:

Non-verbal Reasoning Sample Paper with Answers – 1

Non-verbal Reasoning Sample Paper with Answers – 2

What are Non-verbal Reasoning tests?

Non-verbal Reasoning tests are a part of the 11+ Exam used to evaluate a child's ability to analyze visual information and solve problems by using visual logic. Practice 11+ nvr practice papers to get good scores.

How can I improve my 11 plus Non-verbal Reasoning score?

You can improve your 11 plus Non-verbal Reasoning score by regular practice of 11+ NVR practice papers. A systematic study is also very important, you can use the 11+ NVR pack grade tracker.

What is subscription term ?

11 Plus Online Paper Subscription is valid for 1 entire year.

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