11+ Platinum Package

11+ Complete 
    Instant access to all of PiAcademy’s 11+ Tuition Courses, 11+ Past Papers, Practice Papers, Mock Exams.
    Complete Package valid for 1 year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of the 11+ Group Courses & Resources do we get in this plan?

You will get access to all the 11+ Group Courses that will be made live on PiAcademy’s website time to time in the next 1 year from the date of subscription.

You will have complimentary access to all 11+ Resources on the website.

How many students can use this plan?

This package is valid for only one student.

Is there a Sibling Discount?

No. We don’t offer any further discounts on our 11+ Platinum Package as this pack is already at a discount of more than 70%.

How do we get access to the 11+ Group Courses?

We provide you an exclusive voucher code for each course live on PiAcademy’s website. you can able to use the voucher code to book the course and wave off all the fees.
Please note, each voucher code is valid for 12 months from the date of subscription and can be used only once.

How many times can I book a particular 11+ Group Course?

You will be allowed to book any 11+ Tuition Course only once. However, as we are providing access to our study portal where all the lecture notes and homework are uploaded after every class in each course. we strongly recommend to use those for revision purposes. This will eliminate the need to book the course more than once.

How many students would be there per batch in 11+ Group Courses?

In general, the maximum number of students allowed per batch is 7.

What is the PiAcademy's success rate?

Our students’ academic excellence is something we are very proud of. Over the past few years, 97% of PiAcademy’s students have achieved places in the top 11+ Grammar and Independent Schools.

Schools included are: QE Boys, Henrietta Barnet, City of London School (Girls and Boys), St Paul’s School (Girls and Boys), Westminster and many more in and around London, UK.

What are the payment terms and refund policy?

This package is £2997 and is valid for up to 12 months from the date your subscription starts. Please note, once purchased, this package is non-refundable.

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