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Our goal is to save parents time in marking their child's 11+ solved past papers by giving detailed stepwise answers.

11+ Maths 
Solved Papers

Affordable Pack for Parents
  • Access instantly 180 Maths 11+ exam past papers answers
  • Access instantly 10,000+ topic wise questions with answers, view only on website
  • Full 1 year access, yearly payment
  • You are paying as low as 36 pence for a paper with detailed handwritten solutions, bet you won't get this anywhere.
  • Each question is provided with time guidance
  • Access to 11+ Formula Sheets and Exam Planners, Free Updates to the papers, Subscribe now before the sale ends. Hurry now!
  • All our subscriptions are Non-Refundable

11+ English 
Solved Papers

Affordable Pack for Parents
  • Access instantly over 100 English 11+ exam past papers answers
  • Full 1 year access, yearly payment
  • Unlock Hints, Plans, Comprehension Answers and Creative Writings
  • Instantly view answers only on website
  • Access to 11+ Exam Past Paper Planners, Free Updates to the papers, Subscribe now before the sale ends. Hurry now!
  • All our subscriptions are Non-Refundable
11+ Exams are not easy, Don't leave it to the last minute. Start Now! The practice of 11+ past exam papers will improve your child's percentage.
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Boost your 11 Plus (11+) Exam revision with Confidence

  • The online papers were really helped my son in practicing the questions. The detail solutions are amazing, as my son used to go over his wrong answers whenever he wants. As each question is provided with an estimated time guide, it was really great for my son to learn how to manage time and work under time pressure. I would like to thank Pi Academy for providing excellent tutors and exam oriented online resources.
  • My daughter was struggling with algebra, sequences, probability and other topics.
    Online papers and answers helped her to boost her confidence. The segregated topic wise questions gave her lot of practice on the topics where she used to lose the marks. Her score was improved dramatically, I will surely recommend online past papers to all parents.
  • I bought online paper subscription just before the 11 plus exams. My son was struggling to complete the paper in time and sometimes in understanding the difficult questions. These past papers with neat solutions provided the great support to my son. As the time duration for each question was given, my son was able to complete the paper in time. Really helpful especially just few weeks before the exam.
    Rhonda , 11+ Parent
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is 11 Plus Past Paper subscription plan?

The 11 Plus past paper subscription enable parents and students  to view London’s top Independent school and Grammar school past papers.

The features included are:

  • Past Paper questions from top independent school and Grammar school
  • Stepwise solution for each question
  • Time guidance to solve each question
  • Segregated topic wise questions from each paper
  • To give an idea to the parent there are some free past papers available on our website (
How do I purchase subscription plan?

For purchasing a yearly Premium Plan following steps need to follow:

  • Click on member on top menu and Select the Subscription  Plan.
  • Click on Go Subscribe.
  • Enter your profile details and sign up.
  • You are navigated to Paypal page or you can pay by card.
How are subscription renewed ?

All parents are contacted in advance for subscription expiration via email or you can contact us via live chat which is on the left bottom of the website.

What are subscription benefits?

As per our parents feedback this subscription has saved enormous amount of time in checking their children papers, marking answers and verifying steps written by their children.

As the there is guidance for time, parents can push their children to solve any particular question in stipulated time displayed on website.

Subscription also provides segregation of topics and hence many parent are assured that they can practise ample similar type of questions  where there children are struggling and can focus only on those questions near to exams.

Very helpful revision aid especially close to the exam time.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Maths and English online subscriptions are “Non-Refundable“. No refunds can be issued for any reason. This is because of the nature of digital products.

You should, therefore, make sure that the Maths and English online subscriptions fulfil your needs before you subscribe.

As these are digital products, we advise parents to go through our Free Past Papers provided on our website and once decided they can buy subscriptions.

11+ Sample Paper with answers - 1

11+ Sample Paper with answers - 2


11+ Sample Paper with comprehension and creative writing answers

What is subscription term ?

11 Plus Maths & English Past Papers Subscription

Any PiAcademy Memberships are for 1 year (366 days), We give Instant unlock to all exam Resources So that you can plan your 11+ Preparation according to your convenience and as per our Planner Spreadsheets.

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