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Frequently Asked Questions
Which is harder CEM or GL?

Both CEM and GL exams are hard. There are 21 different verbal reasoning skills that are tested in GL Assessment Exams. CEM Examinations require a much broader range of Vocabulary. Compared to GL Assessment, the CEM exam closely matches the KS2 National Curriculum's content. You can prepare for both GL & CEM using practice papers.

Are GL tests hard?

Yes, GL examinations are challenging and difficult, but they're not meant to be a test of a particular standard; rather, they're meant to be a complete introduction to all the types of questions that could be asked in the actual exam, assuming one is set by GL. You can make the 11+ GL exam easier by doing the problems regularly using the 11+ practice papers.

What's the difference between CEM and CSSE?

The CEM examinations cover Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Verbal Reasoning. The only subjects covered in the CSSE exam are Math and English. There are only 10 schools that take the CSSE exam. You can score high marks in CEM and CSSE exams by practicing 11 plus sample papers.

Is the 11+ CSSE English exam a multiple-choice?

The CSSE 11+ English paper can include both multiple-choice and open-answer comprehension questions. Additionally it has a Writing component and a Reasoning section. You can practice CSSE English past papers to get a high score in CSSE English exams.

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