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Frequently Asked Questions
What are literary devices, and why are they important in English literature?

Literary devices are tools writers use to enhance their work. They bring depth, emotion, and creativity to English literature.

Where can I find resources on 11 plus Literary Devices with examples?

You can find Examples and Explanations in the Theory Notes for each subtopic of 11+ Exam Literary Devices.

What are the main Literary Devices for 11 plus exams?

You can prepare for the 11+ Comprehension exam by regular practice of 11+ Comprehension test papers. This will give you a clear idea of what types of questions are being asked in the 11-Plus Comprehension exams. Improving your reading habits would also help you score good marks.

How can recognition and understanding of literary devices be improved for the 11 plus exam?

Read extensively, analyze texts, and practice identifying literary devices in passages to improve recognition and understanding for the test.

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