Nonsuch High School For Girls 11 Plus (11+) Exam Papers Guide

11 Plus Maths Past Papers with Detailed Answers

Are you eager to win a place for your child into Nonsuch High School For Girls?

In order to secure a place in Nonsuch High School for Girls it is expected that the student should pass Selective Eligibility Test (SET). The Nonsuch High School for Girls accepts 210 girls in year 7.

In 11 plus entrance test for Nonsuch high school for girls, there are Two rounds. It is important for the student to clear the first round to qualify for the second round.The first round consists of the Selective Eligibility Test (SET). The second round test is designed by the school.

In round one of Nonsuch Grammar School Selective Eligibility Test (SET) the Maths and English paper is a multiple choice. Every paper will be approximately 45 minutes. Candidates need to write their answers in the multiple-choice answer sheet. Round Two test is for 45 minutes includes an English paper which contains comprehension and creative writing. In addition, there are 45 minutes of Maths paper. Both papers are the standard format and based on Key Stage 2 syllabus.

Currently, Nonsuch High School sample papers are not available on the school website but here are a few free 11 plus past papers with solutions will help your child to get ready for Nonsuch High School For Girls entrance exam.

Read more about school information: Nonsuch High School For Girls 11 Plus (11+) Exam Complete Guide 2019.

Exam Dates:

  • Selective Eligibility Test: Tuesday 14 September 2021
  • For the Second Round, the test is arranged on Saturday 25 September 2021.


Nonsuch High School for Girls and Wallington High School for Girls both grammar schools will jointly conducts the second stage test.

How much competition is there for Nonsuch High School For Girls?

The School receives approximately 480 applicants for 60 places for year 7. This shows that the tentative ratio of 8 candidates apply for single place giving a ratio of 8:1.

After taking a look at all statistical information, Nonsuch High School For Girls is taking only top 12 to 13% of students who have applied for 11 plus entrance test.

Additional information about the entrance test / Nonsuch High School For Girls 11 plus entrance test format is mentioned in an earlier section of Nonsuch High School For Girls entrance exam.

We advise parents, a rigorous preparation on a variety of Maths questions, and comprehension and creative writing are required.

Outstanding A-Levels and GCSE results

A-Levels 2018/19:

nonsuch high school for girls A-level results 2018

GCSEs 2018/19:

nonsuch high school for girls GCSE results 2018

Tips for parents to prepare for the 11 Plus entrance exam for Nonsuch High School For Girls?

In our experience, many parents are confused about what resources they need to practice with their child while preparing for Nonsuch high for girls. The Nonsuch high school entrance test is quite tricky and many parents search for official past papers required for Nonsuch High School 11 plus entrance exam to help their child. Unfortunately, there are no resources available or provided by the school website.

As the first round for the Selective Eligibility Test is focused on Maths and English multiple-choice paper, we would like to advise to practice many mast papers under timed conditions.

We have plenty of 11 plus past papers available on our website which you can download for free.

Each question from the paper is provided with detailed stepwise solutions, and each question is also segregated as per the topic.

Each question has indicated with a time to help parents to prepare their children under timed conditions

For the second round of Nonsuch high school for girls is more focused on extended maths and English. We suggest our parents practice our 11 Plus English Past papers.

Our top oxford tutors have solved plenty of 11 plus English past papers. It includes answers for English comprehension and model answers for creative writing. Each English comprehension answer is provided with a hint for the student to help them out to think about how the answer is derived. Our tutors have also provided every answer with line number and reference number from the comprehension.

And also we will provide 3000+ maths questions in our 11 plus maths past paper subscription, which include detailed stepwise answers and also each question is segregated as per the topic. you can also find Verbal and Non-verbal free 11 plus past papers from our website.

You can download Nonsuch High School 11 plus past papers for free from our website.

The best last minute tips for 11 plus SET for Nonsuch High School For Girls?

Here we would like to give some expert tips:

For Nonsuch High School For Girls 11 plus entrance exam, the below revision schedule of 11 plus past papers is very helpful to clear Nonsuch High School For Girls entrance exam.

All students in PiAcademy used this schedule and secured a place in Nonsuch High School For Girls.

Below is a schedule we usually follow in our mathematics tutoring sessions to practice and revise the 11 plus past papers:

Please download this spreadsheet to your desktop and update the fields provided in this spreadsheet. This will help you to monitor your child's development.

You can now access our subscription of 11 Plus Past Papers with Detailed Answers.

Parents can go through the wrong questions with their child. As our system also shows topic wise segregated questions, it is beneficial for parents to practice more questions on the same topic and revise them frequently. In our 11 plus past paper subscription, the time guidance is given for each problem which helps parents to revise the topic questions with their children under time pressure.

How to get the top tutor to prepare for 11 plus exam for Nonsuch High School For Girls

In Pi Academy, our tutors use a unique approach of teaching the concepts and giving enormous practice on each concept and are the key to our student's success.

We have a team of highly qualified, inspirational and engaging tutors who will guide and encourage your child during 11 plus journey.

Our tutor will set up an assessment test after every 8 weeks and provides clear and honest feedback about the student’s progress.

We have many courses customised for your child. Our tutors can provide one to one tutoring depending upon which schools you wish to apply.

More than 90% of our student's secured places in top grammar and independent schools.

Here are links to our tutoring courses:

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