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Parents get really anxious and concerned about finding good Eleven Plus 11+ tutors in Bromley when the 11 Plus Exam Bromley Test (SET) is round the corner.
Not any more, because PiAcademy and its team of specialised tutors have brought to you this article which holds the key to most of your queries regarding admission in grammar Schools in Bromley.

PiAcademy has been providing effective Online Eleven Plus 11+ tutoring to students in the year 4 and 5 in all the subjects to prepare better for the 11 plus exams in Bromley. All our tutoring courses are meticulously designed by experts who make sure that all of them are updated regularly as well as based on the latest syllabus.

Our Bromley 11 Plus Private Tutors hold expertise in designing tutorials, which cover all the critical areas such as comprehension, spelling, vocabulary and maths to verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning for the 11+ exam.

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11+ Statistics & Probability Intensive Revision Course
07th July 2022
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11+ Fractions, Decimals & Percentages Intensive Revision Course
09th July 2022
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11+ Algebra Intensive Revision Course
17th July 2022
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11+ Non Verbal Reasoning Intensive Summer Course
24th July  2022
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11+ Maths Solved Past Papers, 13+ Maths Solved Past Papers, 7+ Maths and English Solved Past Papers, 8+,9+,10+ Maths and English Solved Past Papers, KS1 SATs, KS2 SATS Maths Solved Past Papers
Year 4 - 11+ Group Tuition - Maths & English
09th July 2022
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11+ Comprehension Intensive Revision Course
09th July  2022
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11+ Maths Solved Past Papers, 13+ Maths Solved Past Papers, 7+ Maths and English Solved Past Papers, 8+,9+,10+ Maths and English Solved Past Papers, KS1 SATs, KS2 SATS Maths Solved Past Papers
11+ Exam GL Booster Summer Course
24th July 2022
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Bromley Grammar Schools 11+ Exam Format

There are only two Grammar Schools in the London borough of Bromley - St Olave’s Grammar School for boys and Newstead Wood School for girls. Year 7 admission to both Bromley grammar schools is by academic selection, via an entrance exam.

1. St Olave’s Grammar School conducts the 11+ exam i,e,. The Selective Eligibility Test (SET) which has two stages -

  • Stage 1 – Multiple Choice: English Comprehension, Mathematics and Logic (Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning)

All questions are multiple choice

2. Newstead Wood Grammar School follows the GL board for the 11+ test which includes two papers of Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning, both multiple choice format of 45-50 minutes

11+ Bromley Schools
11+ Exam Style
Number of Students accepted every year
St Olave’s Grammar School
124 Boys
Newstead Wood School
GL Assessment
160 Girls

How would Pi Academy’s 11 Plus tutors benefit your child?

Our highly enthusiastic and well trained tutors are expert at providing bespoke private tuition to 11+ pupils in the Bromley region along with our Bromley 11 Plus Private Tutors lessons.

Based on our years of experience with 11+ exams, we design customised tutoring resources for each child based on their requirements.

At Pi Academy, we have many options for your child.

As 11 Plus Grammar schools in Bromley follow the SET and the GL pattern, our 11 Plus private tutors in Bromley have a wealth of experience to focus on the SET and GL 11 Plus exam and cover all modules including Maths, Reading Skills, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning along with 11 Plus Intensive Course to prepare your child for the 11+ exam.
For parents who want one to one 11+ tutoring, we recommend them to book our Diagnostic Assessment. This test identifies weak areas of your child. Piacademy provides a detailed report after this 11 + assessment which documents areas your child is struggling with and a proposed bespoke tutoring plan to master these weak areas and improve the score.

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Bromley Grammar School Practice Papers

Practice has no substitute for itself and is the only way to ensure the best possible outcome in an exam like the 11 Plus Assessment.
Therefore, as the saying goes ‘Practice makes the man perfect’ to provide your child a smooth sailing period of time which allow them to practice more and more, our efficient team of tutors have brought to you the following set of practice papers:





Verbal reasoning:

Non-verbal Reasoning:

11+ Online Courses

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When should your Child Start Tuitions for 11+ Bromley?

Time is a crucial factor for any exam and its preparation and to keep a pace with time the earliest you begin to prepare, the better you become.
Going with our observations and the student’s success rate, we at PiAcademy suggest that parents make their children start the Bromley 11+ online tuition a year in advance i.e, when your child is in year 4 or 5.

Our tutors have designed various 11+ tutoring modules to assist and help your child do his/her best and get a place in 11+ Bromley.

11 Plus cut-off scores of Bromley Grammar Schools.

Cut off scores are subject to vary every year and thus are not published officially. But to get your child in tune with the level and scoring system of Bromley 11 plus exam, here are the previous year scores of the 11 plus test in Bromley.

11+ Bromley Schools
2020/2021 intake Qualifying Score
St Olave’s Grammar School
210 or More
Newstead Wood School
210 or More

PiAcademy's Success Rate for 11+ Tuition Bromley 

Our best 11+ tutors placed many students over the period of time. Here is a snapshot of PiAcademy’s last 5 years results for 11+ tuition in the Bromley region

11+ Bromley Schools
St Olave’s Grammar School
4 Boys
3 Boys
5 Boys
2 Boys
2 Boys
Newstead Wood School
4 Girls
2 Girls
4 Girls
2 Girls
3 Girls

Please note: Our students generally get admission into more than 6+ schools. If a student gets an offer from the respective school we have added that count to the table. Upon our guidance, parents and students will decide the best school for them in the later admission process. To enrol on our courses Join PiAcademy courses from above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a seat in 11+ Online Classes for my Child?

You can book the classes simply by clicking on the Course Curriculum & Booking Form of the desired course. 

What subjects will be covered in 11+ Tution?

We provide bespoke 11+ tutoring for all subjects - Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

What is Diagnostic Assessment?

A Diagnostic Assessment is a comprehensive test of your child’s current understanding of concepts and skills to judge their level of exam readiness.

What is PiAcademy’s success rate?

PiAcademy has over 95% success rate in helping pupils succeed in their 11+ exams.

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