Langley Grammar School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Papers Guide

11 Plus Maths Past Papers with Detailed Answers

Langley Grammar School collaborates in the Slough Consortium 11+ examination process by utilising their test papers and eligibility criteria.

To be considered for admission, candidates must achieve the eligibility mark of 111 which is calculated on a standardised scale. Regardless of the number of Slough Consortium schools you wish to apply, candidates will only sit one exam paper.

What is Langley Grammar School 11 Plus Exam Format?

Comprised of two separate papers, each approximately 45-50 minutes, the 11+ test papers are set entirely by CEM exclusively for Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools.

CEMā€™s grammar school test papers free remain undisclosed. Therefore, there is no accessing Langley Grammar School exam papers. However, previous CEM papers indicate that the material resembles the National Curriculums Key Stage 2 content.

Areas Tested:

        • Verbal Ability;
        • Comprehension, spelling, recognising and decoding words;
        • Non-Verbal Ability;
        • Numerical Ability, e.g. mental arithmetic and general maths problems.

To prevent rampant coaching, thus making preparation difficult, CEM is known to stylise both papers in different answer formats such as:

        • Four separate papers each separate testing subjects;
        • Papers testing one subject;
        • Multiple papers containing a variety of content, e.g. Maths with Non-Verbal Reasoning or Verbal Reasoning with English comprehension;
        • Combination of multiple-choice and standard format questions;
        • Papers testing candidatesā€™ time-management skills by requiring sections to be completed in a specific timeframe.

General queries are answered here and here; although a familiarisation booklet is available, as well as detailed information concerning the overall admissions process; parents have requested a more extensive range of practice papers.

To combat the lack of CEM grammar school test papers with answers, Pi Academy suggests the following:

      • Helpful hints are provided for each question;Helpfully, every question is segregated as per the topic;
      • Parents/Carers should ensure their child has a two HB pencils with an eraser and sharpener.

Consulting a range of practice materials in all subjects is critical because simply relying on CEM and other resources on the market is inadequate.

Our tutors, many of whom are English and Mathematics experts, have written a multitude of 11+ test papers free download and an extensive number of detailed, comprehensive answers. Our pupils closely study these because they offer ample practice in the topics, indicating what may be expected in their actual exams.

These have helped many former Pi Academy pupils gain admission to Langley Grammar School, among other equally prestigious schools.

How Competitive Is Langley Grammar School?

With over 1800 applications for the 180 available places, competition is fierce.  

Statistically speaking; therefore, only the top 10% of students are admitted. Rigorous preparation and careful study of our resources is a sure-fire recipe for boosting your chances of success.

Langley Grammar School Outstanding A-Level and GCSE Results 2018/19


        • 89% achieved A*-C grades
        • 71% achieved A*-B grades
        • 35% achieved A*/A grades
        • 19% (28 students) achieved A*/A grades across all subjects


        • 99% achieved Grade 5+ or A*-C in English and Maths
        • 68.4% achieved 9-7 or A*/A
        • 24.5% achieved the highest grade 9

Langley Grammar School 11 Plus Exam: Expert Tips

As stated, Langley Grammar School sample papers free download are unavailable thereby leaving parents worried. However, it is essential for candidates to understand advanced Mathematics topics and have a good command of verbal reasoning.

It is imperative to focus on particularly tricky areas of the National Curriculum, e.g. ratio, symmetry, cubed and squared numbers, algebra, etc. Knowledge should be applied in practical ways to solve problems; quick, independent thinking will be rewarded.

Practice attempts should be within timed conditions since previous CEM test papers have been formatted specifically to test candidatesā€™ time-management skills.

Equally vital, is that parents identify weak areas when marking attempts of 11+ practice papers. These should then be corrected through extensive practice, which should also boost confidence. Our website offers free 11 practice papers download with writing tasks and solutions written by our Oxford and Cambridge educated tutors.

Students should practise these, especially papers with answers, to prepare for a variety of questions which may appear in the exam. Prioritising difficult topics will enhance logical thinking and problem-solving skills, ultimately strengthening the exam technique. Method and quantity of revision are of equal importance for any eleven plus papers.

Having downloaded the 11+ entrance exam papers from our website, parents should follow our 4-step guide when practising:

      • Print the paper;
      • Supervise your child, ensuring that the paper is completed under timed conditions;
      • Revisit the website when marking;
      • Make a note of weak areas to practise further when revisiting the website.

Our system is highly efficient in allowing you to pinpoint relevant questions as the 11+ papers are segregated as per the topic. This is beneficial for practising questions on the same topic in a focused manner, helping to resolve weak areas and gaps in your childā€™s knowledge.

Our website features a plethora of Verbal and Non-verbal resources with problem-solving questions and word problems, all uniquely different. For convenience, the links are below:

Instead of being limited by typical 11+ resource providers, our tutors work diligently to prepare and solve a variety of free sample test papers with answers for our students to practice. Exposing our students to these different, but hugely beneficial, resources explains our huge success rate because our students always remain one step ahead.

See our highly rated papers below:

How to Revise for Langley Grammar School?

Exam nerves are not unusual, but we believe that the correct preparation strategy inspires confidence. Therefore, the earlier you prepare dictates how useful your revision is.

Indeed, focused study of our sample 11 plus papers and free 11 exam papers are an effective way to strengthen Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning in preparation for the real thing. Frequent revision sessions will considerably ease the pressure.

Below is a revision schedule all Pi Academy students studiously followed in their tutoring sessions when revising and practising 11 plus sample papers. They feature time-pressured problem solving with question styles that are known to have been previously used by CEM.

Please download this spreadsheet; updating the relevant fields provided will help you track your child's progress. To avoid wasting time on irrelevant resources and incorrect questions, subscribe to our 11+ Papers with Detailed Answers. Our subscription service is a one-stop haven which supports frequent revision and provides reliable and realistic guidance.

How to Secure Proficient Tutelage for Langley Grammar School 11 Plus Exam?

Our private tutors are dedicated, organised, and adept at problem-solving. Their creative teaching style and excellent communication skills allow them to effectively teach a wide range of children by prompting them to practice our free 11 test papers.

Practising eleven plus sample papers with answers are prioritised because candidates noticeably improve in skill and confidence, going on to achieve superb results in our 11+ sample papers including 11 plus English comprehension papers.

These results are indicative of what could be achieved in the real exam; indeed, our tutoring methodology has resulted in a large number of our former pupils succeeding in securing a place at Langley Grammar School, as well as other well-respected institutions.

Our distinctive approach is a result of modern, contemporary methods of teaching. Former candidates accredited their success in attending their desired institution to our inspirational and engaging tutors who directed and encouraged them by providing clear and honest opinions about their progress.

To avoid missing out, complete this form to engage one of our expert tutors; their invaluable experience will be a huge asset to your journey to Langley Grammar School.

Also, visit our website for more tutoring pages:

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