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What are 11+ Booster Courses?

With the demands of the eleven plus causing stress for parents and students alike, a booster course could be the perfect solution.

  • A booster course can give students a grounding in past papers, question formats, and exam technique. 
  • They have a proven record of raising success rates for children ahead of entry exams. 
  • Working with other students and a dedicated teacher on these courses can raise attainment in a variety of ways.

Booster courses are offered by plenty of providers, but the content and length of the courses may vary from company to company. The truth is, there is no one ‘best fit’ for an individual student when it comes to 11+ booster courses, so it is best to be well informed about what a particular course offers.

Why choose them?

In contrast to using past papers or textbooks without support, booster courses provide a structure a child can follow. In the long term, this can be a game changer in preparing for an 11+ exam. When each section of the course deals with a certain topic in detail, it can stop students getting overwhelmed by the massive amount of 11+ content out there.


  • The 11+ plus exam can be a daunting task for any student to face, so an 11+ booster course could be the perfect way to prepare and build confidence using a proven structure. 
  • These courses have become more and more popular as parents have realised going that extra mile before the eleven plus can be of huge benefit.

Knowing the material in-depth before taking such an important exam as the eleven plus is essential.

Why are 11+ Booster Courses the quickest way to improve scores?

  • Students gain confidence quickly as they become more familiar with 11 plus exam papers and they topics they include. 
  • Students can get feedback on their progress through peers and teachers they wouldn’t be able to get on their own or by using a textbook.

The structure of a booster course can be a huge positive for students too – when each topic is consolidated by a qualified teacher the benefits can be immense. With homework, past papers, and model answers surrounding a certain topic, students will embed them far more quickly than simply attempting mock papers on their own.

What content can be found on 11 + Booster Courses?

Many booster courses are built around example materials and practice questions. Overall:

  • Students are given experience answering core questions in English and Maths to help them prepare, as well as receiving feedback about their progress. 
  • Students can take a series of mock papers that can help build confidence and skill in answering the 11+ exam.

Pupils are usually assessed informally throughout a booster course, so they can keep up to date with their progress. More formal assessments take place using mock papers which can provide a numbered score.

Why are mock papers included?

Practice papers are a vital part of pupils getting better at the eleven plus.

  • Research has shown that mock papers and the feedback linked with them can improve attainment for students quickly. 
  • An eleven plus mock paper created by qualified teachers can help children become familiar with question formats without the pressure of a real exam. 
  • Seeing their progress over time is also proven to increase ability.

What topics are covered for English?

  • 11+ booster courses generally cover a range of comprehension-based questions as part of eleven plus preparation. 
  • Other core parts of preparing for the English elements of the exam are grammar and creative writing topics. 
  • Creative writing can be a struggle for students, so a booster course can address this using model examples over time.

A typical booster course will use these examples to improve attainment far more than practice undertaken by a student on their own. 

What topics are covered for Maths?

There can be a wide range of questions for mathematics, so there are a variety of topics on booster courses including:

  • fractions
  • percentages
  • area/perimeter
  • volume 
  • ratio 
  • graphs
  • algebraic equations

Consistent practice is the best way to boost scores for 11 plus exam questions in mathematics and revising effectively using a structured course is vital.

Can you take booster courses as part of a group?

It is common to group 11+ students together on a booster course. This can be of benefit to parents in three main ways:

  • reducing the price of the course.
  • giving a student extra motivation in the form of a peer group. 
  • There are a wide variety of courses that can be taken with as few as three students per group.

Individual students can find it hard to stay motivated while preparing for the 11+ exam. Working as part of a peer group can keep students positive and provide a competitive edge to students. It can also make a course more enjoyable, which has been proven to raise attainment.

What length are the courses?

This can vary from course to course. They can be quite intensive, involving three or four sessions a week over two weeks. At the other end of the spectrum, students can book onto 20- or 30-weeks courses, all with the same group of peers to provide consistency. 

The length of the course you choose depends entirely on the student and how they deal with 11 plus preparation. Parents will want to consider a range of factors when choosing the length of a booster course.

  • Price can be an issue, but a longer course can often mean higher attainment over time. 
  • It is important to weigh up the pros and cons and base your decision on the individual student. 
  • You may want to consider the time frames available and whether these courses fit with your schedule.

Educational research has proven that reinforcing topics of over a longer time, rather than ‘cramming’ before an eleven plus exam proves most effective. A longer-term course could be exactly what your child needs.

How are 11+ booster courses delivered?

With the advent of online learning platforms, it can be simple and easy to get the best 11+ plus preparation from the comfort of your home. However, there are plenty of opportunities to receive booster course tuition from qualified teachers face to face if needs be.

Should I choose face to face or online?

This is, like the course length, down to the learning habits of the individual student. It is important to bear in mind whether there will be any difficulties working face to face compared to online.

  • Will travel time be a factor? 
  • Does the student work better when they use online resources? 
  • Which will provide the best outcomes over time?

Compared to online, there might be some travel involved, but face-face teaching has numerous benefits, including:

  • More opportunities to collaborate with other students and professionals when preparing for the 11+
  • Students can be held more accountable for their progress
  • Students can receive feedback on their progress almost instantly, especially within a small group
  • There is a social element to face to face teaching that cannot be understated.

In comparison, an online booster course for the eleven plus could provide positives such as:

  • It can be flexible for students in terms of time management and preparation 
  • Resources that suit the individual students can be uploaded instantly
  • Feedback can be instant and be accessed more easily over time 
  • The way students learn can have variety, including multiple choice quizzes, videos and much more.

Online eleven plus booster courses can provide flexibility for students and parents, so it’s important not to discount them. With many children becoming used to online learning over the past two years, online could allow them access to blended learning in preparing for the eleven plus.


The eleven plus can be one of the most important assessments a child can take. How children prepare for this assessment can be the edge for being accepted into a private school. In recent years, the demand for eleven plus booster courses has meant that parents can expect reasonable prices for courses that cover a huge amount of material.

In summary, here’s why a booster course could be the ideal way to prepare for the 11+ and get scores up quickly:

  • They provide a structure for students to follow – all to avoid confusion and give them the focus to improve their grades
  • The course content focuses on practice questions and example answers to build familiarity with the eleven plus exam paper – essential if children want to excel
  • The sheer amount of choice in terms of online and face to face courses can allow students to work based on their individual needs.

There is huge potential in using a booster course to improve eleven plus scores, so why wait? Check out what is on offer to ensure the best chance for your child at the eleven plus.

To learn, practice and master key 11+ Math and English skills to boost your 11plus exam scores, view our detailed yet crisp 11+ courses.

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