Creative Writing in Year 3 - Best Tips to Prepare for 11+ Exam

Actual Question: Hi PiAcademy,  My son is in year 3 (8 years old). How will I be of assisting to him on the year 3 creative writing? He doesn't like writing anymore.

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What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is any writing of different ideas, and it can be sometimes fictional or a story etc.,

Some kids need time to practice what they're learning. Because they don't have the confidence that they can do it well, they don't enjoy writing. To improve their writing skills enough to gain faith in their abilities, they will need some time, practice, and maturity.

Parents Guide to Prepare for year 3 Creative Writing

Encourage your kid to read

The more a kid reads, the more they will be introduced to new vocabulary in context, and the more words they will get to learn. Reading also helps kids to discover different ways of using words and various sentence structures that they can use in their writing.

Help your kid to get started

A blank page, even for an experienced poet, can be daunting. When they get started, kids can do better, but you always need to help them get the first few words or phrases down. Ask them a thought-provoking question, like “How was their day at school or if they want to join an after school club?“

Let your kid copy and write

To learn, let kids copy any paragraph from a story, poetry, or piece of writing and write on a paper. This is how children learn to write and improve their writing.

Allow the kid to use spell and grammar checks

If kids are using the computer for writing, please allow them to use spell and grammar checker applications which will help them to improve their skills.

Liberty to write

Leave your kid of his own to write anything which comes to his mind. This will trigger thoughts and flow in their mind. Don’t restrict them to a single topic or a point.

Key Skills of Year 3 Creative Writing

  1. Grammar
  2. Punctuation
  3. Spelling 
  4. Vocabulary

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