11+ Maths CEM Practice Papers Bundle



  • 16 realistic 11+ CEM Style Maths test papers with different patterns
  • More than 600 CEM Style 11 Plus Maths questions to practice
  • Detailed step by step answers are available only on the website
  • Includes both Short and Long Maths Questions
  • Exclusively designed for 11 Plus CEM based exams
  • Designed and crafted by CEM 11+ Maths experts
  • Difficulty level – Hard
  • Full 1-year access, yearly payment
  • All Subscriptions are Non-Refundable
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Key Features of Our Resources

At Pi Academy, we follow the best education practices to create excellent exam resources to help your child in their exam preparations. Below is a snapshot of key features of our resources:
Designed by Assessment Experts
Each of our resources is created by highly experienced subject matter experts
Mirrors the Actual Exam Pattern
Our resources are created as per the latest curriculum to replicate the actual exam pattern
Detailed Step by Step Solutions
We provide most time effective detailed step by step solution to every question
 PDF Paper Download
We provide option to download the PDF of the question papers 


11+ CEM

CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) 11 Plus tests are being increasingly used by the grammar schools and some independent schools. Having a good 11+ CEM Maths papers for practice is crucial for your child if he/she is applying for the 11+ Exam in any one of the following regions:

  • Berkshire
  • Bexley
  • Birmingham
  • Devon
  • Gloucestershire
  • Shropshire
  • Walsall
  • Warwickshire
  • Wirral
  • Latymer
  • Redbridge
  • Chelmsford
  • Wolverhampton
  • Essex (use both CEM and GL assessments)
  • Hertfordshire (use both CEM and GL assessments)
  • Trafford (use both CEM and GL assessments)
  • Yorkshire (use both CEM and GL assessments)

11+ CEM Maths Practice Papers

CEM doesn’t produce or endorse any commercially available practice papers, preparation materials, tutoring, or coaching schemes. This is deliberate, in an attempt to make the assessment as fair as possible and not give an advantage to children whose parents are able to pay for extra services or resources. So, very few practice papers are available for the CEM style 11+ test. Their exam style is unique and we have created a Maths Papers pack with different 11 Plus CEM exam patterns to prepare the pupils in the maximum possible ways.

Our CEM 11+ Maths papers cover a variety of questions across various topics of the CEM 11 plus Maths syllabus. Each paper is designed in a unique way with different times and patterns. Our practice test papers are exclusively designed based on the CEM test pattern. All the papers are in PDF format and are downloadable. Subscribe Now and help your child master the art of acing the CEM 11+ Maths exam.


Is the 11+ Maths CEM Practice Papers Bundle beneficial for my child’s 11+ exam preparation?

Yes. Our 11 plus CEM Maths Practice Papers are created by CEM experts with 15+ years of experience in helping pupils succeed in their 11 plus exam.

Do these 11+ Maths CEM Practice Papers cover the entire 11 plus Maths Syllabus?

Yes. Our 11 plus CEM Maths papers are designed as per the latest curriculum and cover the whole 11+ CEM Maths syllabus.

Can I use these 11+ CEM Maths papers for home mock exams?

Yes. Each paper of our 11 plus Maths CEM Practice Papers bundle replicates actual CEM Maths papers with instructions and time mentioned. Under the timed condition, you can use it as a CEM mock exam at home.

Can I use these 11+ CEM Maths papers for teaching time management to my child?

Yes. Our 11 plus CEM Maths papers are timed and we provide an estimated time per question in our Mark Scheme to help your child learn time management.

Can I mark these 11 plus CEM Maths papers at home?

Yes. We provide detailed step by step solutions for each question on our website. After subscribing, you can log in to our website and mark these 11+ CEM Maths Practice Papers.

Can I get a refund for this subscription?

No. Due to its digital nature, the 11 Plus Maths CEM Practice Papers Bundle Pack is non-refundable.

11+ Maths CEM Practice Papers Bundle

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