11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Syllabus


In this forum, we will learn about 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Syllabus. Non-verbal reasoning (NVR) in the 11+ test includes reasoning with abstract shapes. This part challenges the student to deal with patterns, codes, similarities, differences, orientations and many other aspects associated with shapes. 

A detailed breakdown of the different question types is given below:

Series Find the shape which follows the pattern of shapes given in the question
AnalogiesFigure out the rule between two shapes given in the question and select the shape which follows the same rule with the test shape.
Like figuresSelect the shape which has common properties with the shapes given in the question.
CodesTwo or three letters(making up a code) are associated with one shape, and like this, there will be three or four figures. Each letter will mean different aspects of the shape. Select the code which is appropriate for the test shape.
Odd one outSelect the shape which is unique or is very unlike the other shapes given in the question.
MatricesThere will be 2 x 2 and/or 3 x 3 squares, in which one of the squares will be empty. Select a shape which is appropriate that will fill the empty square.
Merge ShapesSelect the small shape which is hidden in the large shape.

Select the new shape when two shapes are added together or subtracted from each other.

11 Plus Spatial Reasoning Syllabus

Spatial reasoning questions come under 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Syllabus in the 11+ Exam challenge the students‚Äô spatial awareness and imagination. Some of the important topics are rotation, reflection and nets of cubes. New topics are added every year, like Folding and Punching. 

A detailed description of important topics in Spatial Reasoning is given below for your convenience. 

Nets of cubes Select a cube from the options which can be made out of the given net of the cube.
Reflections and RotationsSelect the shape that will result from rotating the shape in the question, 90o clockwise or 90o anti-clockwise or 180o.

Select the shape which will be a mirror image of the shape in the question.
Folding and PunchingA square paper is folded, and holes are punched in it. Select the shape which will look like after it is unfolded.
3D shapesSelect the 2D view of a 3D shape when viewed from a certain point mentioned in the question.

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