11 Plus Maths Syllabus


The 11+ Maths syllabus appears to follow that of the National Curriculum, so it is necessary to ensure that your child is comfortable with all of the following concepts: addition, multiplication, subtraction and division; fractions; decimals; time; area and perimeter; prime numbers and prime factors; averages; distance, speed and time; graphs and charts; calculating angles; reflection and rotation; percentages; simple ratio and probability; sequences and number patterns; nets of shapes and working out the volume of cubes and cuboids.

The 11+ Maths test covers questions based on topics and concepts covered in the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Few questions are asked from topics not covered in the KS2 curriculum, such as algebra and logical questions.

Topics included in the 11 Plus Maths Syllabus

Our 11 Plus Maths Syllabus for those considering taking the examination in 2021 is mentioned below.

11 Plus Maths SyllabusTopics
NumbersRead and Write Numbers, Order and Compare Numbers, Place Value, Counting, Rounding, Roman Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Pattern & Sequences, Decimals, Percentages, Multi-Level Word Problems, Multiples, LCM, Factors, HCF, Prime Numbers, Composite Numbers, Square Numbers, Cube Numbers, Triangular Numbers, Even Numbers, Prime Factorization, Word Problems, Unitary Methods, Decimal Manipulation, Number Line, Odd Numbers, Indices
AlgebraAlgebraic Equations, Simplifying Expressions, Simultaneous Equations, Algebra Inverse Problems, Algebra Dependent Problems, BIDMAS, Function Machines, Quadratic equations, substitution, Linear Equations, Number Patterns & Sequences, Balancing of equations
MeasurementUnit Conversions, Currency Conversions, Capacity, Area and Perimeter
GeometryIdentification of shapes, Shapes, Angles, Perpendiculars, Bisectors, Nets of Solids, Volume, Symmetry, Cubes and Cuboids, Cylinders, Prisms, Rectangle, Circle, Parallelogram, Square, Rhombus, Pythagoras theorem, Trapezium, Compound Shapes, Polygons, Coordinates, Reflection, Translations, Rotations, Lines of Symmetry, Bearings, 3D shapes, 2D shapes, Rotational Symmetry, Triangles, Speed, Slicing, Circumference, Directions
StatisticsLine Graph, Tables, Bar charts, Charts, Pictograms, Time Graph, Mean Median Mode Range, Tally Marks, Venn Diagrams, Time and Distance Tables, Pie Chart, Data Collection and Presentation
Ratio & ProportionScale Drawing, Recipe Problems
Permutation & CombinationsSeating Arrangement
Logical Problems
Train Timetables
Speed Distance Time
Age Problems
Alphabet codes

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